My Priorities

In the Classroom

  • Full day kindergarten/nursery program – Support the expansion of the pilot program to more schools and neighborhoods.
  • Create an early childhood education plan to integrate before/after programs with full day nursery/kindergarten and school daycare programs.
  • Prioritize funding for math, science and arts education.
  • Ensure each school has access to the Arts, including music and drama.
  • Ensure each school has access to teacher librarians and computer specialists.
  • Expand enrichment programs for gifted students.

For the Neighborhood

  • Hire adult crossing guards for high traffic areas such as Grosvenor, Kingsway and Lilac.
  • Expand the “Walking School Bus” program – get students out of cars, reduce congestion/safety issues around school and help with student truancy.
  • Construct “universal access” playgrounds so all children, despite abilities, can play.
  • Lobby the province to expand Autism programs to create more spaces.
  • To meet ever growing demand expand the French Immersion Program in the south district.
  • Invest in virtual classroom technology to expand student programs through video conferencing.
  • Continue to invest in green capital infrastructure by renovating our aging schools and making them more energy efficient.
  • Continue to invest in 21st Century classroom technology including Wi-Fi installation in all of our schools.

For the Ratepayer

  • Change the Tax System – Lobby the Provincial Government for a change in how the Public School system is funded with less reliance on property taxation.
  • Improve transparency by video recording all School Board and Committee meetings and post them to our website for the public to view.
  • Continue to advocate for an open and fair budget process.
  • Review special needs services to ensure students obtain the best possible outcomes.

My Record


  • Started a Full Day Kindergarten/Nursery Pilot Project in four Winnipeg School Division (WSD) schools.
  • Increased resources for math education.
  • Increased resources for science education including hiring of lab technicians for WSD high schools.
  • Advocated to maintain funding for special needs education including the retention of Special Needs Educational Assistants.

Teacher Support

  • Initiated an audit of the Comprehensive Assessment Program to ensure maximum use of teacher time in the classroom.
  • Advocated for teachers with specialist math skills for Grade 5 & 6 students.
  • Initiated a review of how WSD was teaching math in its schools and made quality math instruction a priority at the WSD.

School Facilities/ Environmental Sustainability

  • Invested in green capital infrastructure including energy retrofits that has resulted in significant tax savings for ratepayers.
  • Invested in our 21st Century classrooms by funding Wi-Fi for all WSD high schools.
  • Ensured all high schools provided healthier food options for students.
  • Supported going green in our school by installing water bottle refilling stations.
  • Initiated an audit of traffic congestion/safety issues at pick up and drop off times at WSD schools.
  • Opposed the sale of the Sir John Franklin School Property to private developers. Advocated that property remain as green space for the community.
  • Upgraded the security systems in our schools.


  • Publically advocated for a change in how public schools are financed and a move away from taxes based on property.
  • Modernized the WSD electoral boundaries to ensure citizens greater access to their local representative.
  • Secured changes to WSD meetings to ensure that they were more transparent and open to the public.
  • Advocated for more public meetings and consultations to enhance the public’s accessibility and input into the budge discussion and decision making of the WSD.