Mark Wasyliw

For School Trustee

When our school needed help, Mark was there.  He responded quickly to our concerns and actually answered my questions, gave me information and advocated for the needs of our school.  I felt listened to.  He made a difference when other avenues seemed to lead us nowhere.

Pam Gorden

Teacher, Ecole River Heights & Ecole Laverendrye Parent

Mark with Pam Gordon, Ecole Laverandrye & Ecole River Heights Parent, Teacher,  Cindy Spiers, Ecole Laverandrye Parent , Teacher.

Mark with Pam Gordon and Cindy Spiers.

Mark comes from a family of teachers, he respects what teachers do and understand the challenges of a modern classroom.  He cares about our school and our community and has been active in trying to make them stronger.

Cindy Spiers

Ecole Laverendrye Parent, Teacher